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Denver Modern Homes

A modern Home in Denver can be categorized according to six designs: Prairie, Arts and Crafts, International, Art Moderne, Art Deco, and Ranch styles. For a home to be called modern, it must be built with a post-and-beam structure combined with a broad or flat shed roof while the home’s frame or structure intentionally exposed.

The combination of concrete, steel, and other modern materials seamlessly define a modern home from other designs. Such seamlessness extends to its integration to the landscape area around it.

Types of Modern Homes

The Prairie Modern Home

This Prairie Modern Home owes its design and functionality to Architect Frank Lloyd Wright who created a distinctive style which pays homage to the flat prairies Wright's native home in the Midwest. Such modern house is utilitarian, comfortable, stunning, and original. Prairie Modern Homes in Denver have low chimneys resting on broad and have sloping roofs. The porches and balconies are spacious, creating more outdoor living space.

The Arts and Crafts Modern Home

The key elements of an Arts and Crafts Modern Home are the use of natural materials, built-in furniture and light fixtures, fireplace, porches, low-pitched roofs, exposed beams, and an open floor plan.


The origin of the International style is from Henry-Russell Hitchcock and Philip Johnson in 1932. They wanted to emphasize that form can meet function. This type of design uses rectilinear forms and light surfaces. It utilizes an open interior space and a cantilever to create a unique illusion of weightlessness of the structure. The International Modern Home is a beautiful combination of glass, steel, and concrete.

Art Moderne

Also known as Streamline Moderne, Art Moderne's origin is from the Art Deco movement. This style emphasizes curves and elements coming from aircraft, locomotive, and maritime design. Modern homes of this type use horizontal orientation, corner windows, and rounded edges.

Art Deco

The Art Deco style is inspired by antiques and artifacts from the past, yet it can be considered ultramodern in its heyday. This style has integrated circles, trapezoids and rectangles as base for the overall design. It features flat roofs, small walls, bold exteriors, and a lot of experimentation of interior materials.


A style which emerged in the 1930s in California, the Ranch Modern Homes was pioneered by Architect Cliff May. This is a sub-type of modern style architecture and it employs a style with open spaces to connect the indoors to the outdoors. The key elements of a Ranch style home include single floor living, asymmetry or irregularity in shape, and glass sliding doors.

Price Range of Modern Homes

A modern home costs approximately 200k to 6 million dollars or more, depending on the history of the house and was once owned by a famous personality. Mile High Home Pro can definitely help in finding your dream home here at Denver.

Features of a Modern Home

According to Greg Jones, A.I.A. of a2 Modern the following are the defining features of a Modern Home:


The exterior of Modern Homes has the following features:

Simplification of Ornaments and Decoration

Simplicity is the key element in a modern home, where moldings are simplified. It is a perfect combination of different materials, with a clean look that is more valued in this type of design.

Uses rectangular forms, horizontal and vertical lines

The boxy shape along with vertical structures and accentuated planes define a Modern Home. The rectangle, square, and other variations create a very modern look.

Has a low visual effect and uses flat roofs with a broad overhang

A Modern Home doesn’t skimp on floor area and always maximizes the areas potential.


Here are the common features of the interior of Modern Homes:

Has open and flowing interior spaces

The walls and divisions of a modern home are minimized or eliminated to make a continuous space that create harmony between different areas of the house.

Utilizes glass to allow natural light

A modern home utilizes available natural light to create a clean and natural effect that even modern lights cannot duplicate.

Uses glass for heating

As a modern home must be simple and efficient, this is achieved through installing windows and creating floor to ceiling glass walls to mimic the heating effect of a greenhouse.


Modern homes use the following materials:

Modern materials

The Modern Home’s design is almost machine-like, exposing the framework of the house in a sensible and non-obscure way.

Traditional materials in a different light

Wood, stone, and brick are innovatively used and combined with steel and concrete to create a unique structure in a modern home.

The material and its original attributes

Instead of applying varnish or staining the wood, the natural beauty of the wood’s grain is shown and considered a design element.

Seamlessness between the indoors and the outdoors

Perhaps the major component in building a modern home, glass provides the panoramic views of the outdoors through large glass windows or walls.

If you think that a modern home, especially in Denver, is perfect for your lifestyle and taste, then don’t hesitate to contact Mile High Home Pro today to assist you!