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5 Luxury Bedroom Ideas

5 Luxury Bedroom Ideas - Mile High Home Pro

The bedroom is a sanctuary within a sanctuary—it’s the first place you’ll be in when you wake up and the last place you’ll see before you sleep. Having a beautiful place to wake up and sleep in is one of the best things in life. So why not take advantage of your spacious bedroom in your Denver luxury home and make it more comfortable? Here are five ideas to make your luxury bedroom more amazing.

Maximize comfortability

Does your bedroom have a queen or king bed? If not, then you certainly must have one. The generous space of luxury bedrooms are meant to accommodate such large beds. If you think that having a large bed makes lying there feel empty because of the mattress space, that’s no problem. Just throw in as many pillows as you want. May it be bed throw pillows, bolsters, and boudoirs—just throw them all on the bed with the regular pillows and you’ll never run out of plush things to hug at night. You may even use a duvet so you can have a very snuggly blanket to keep you warm at night.

Aesthetically, using a queen or king bed in your luxury bedroom will utilize the huge space and can act as an amazing main subject of the bedroom. It can also give the benefit of higher comfort as having a spacious bed frees you from confined movements, allowing you to relax your muscles and improve your blood circulation while you sleep. The high number of pillows gives a certain coziness and can help ease muscle stress for certain sleeping positions.

Have a vanity area

Some luxury bedrooms come with built-in vanity areas, while some don’t. More than being a necessity for both men and women, a vanity area will maximize the seemingly excess space in a luxury bedroom. There are different ways to have a vanity area. You can have a carpenter built into the wall or you can buy a vanity table and place it in a corner. You can also have a do-it-yourself vanity area that simply consists of a desk drawer placed under a long hanging mirror.

Vanity areas don’t only add style to your bedroom or fill the extra space, buy they are also a very hygienic way to organize your cosmetics, perfumes, facial cleansers, hairsprays, body moisturizers, as well as accessories.

Hang a light fixture

Surely, luxury bedrooms deserve more than just ordinary light bulbs for lighting. Decorative ceiling lights could give splendor to your bedroom and improve the bare-looking high ceilings. The fixture doesn’t have to be as lavish as the iconic fallen chandelier from The Phantom of the Opera film. Just make sure to hang it at a safe height and that it lights the place right. Use a lighting fixture that has a style complementing the other elements in the room so it won’t look out of place.

Hanging light fixtures doesn’t only make the room lighting brighter, but these also serve as a decoration to add glamour to your luxury bedroom.

Add accent chairs

Aside from the stool your vanity desk might have, having another chair in a luxury bedroom is something you should consider. You can choose among a variety of accent chairs your bedroom lifestyle may need – from reclining armchairs, to elegant winged chairs, to stylish lounge chairs, to classic ottomans. Reclining armchairs are suitable for spots near wide bedroom windows while winged chairs are beneficial near bookshelves. However, lounge chairs and ottomans are best placed at the foot of the bed.

You might wonder what a bedroom chair is for if you can just sit on the bed. But it’s a good thing to have a chair around the room if you suddenly need to sit in a certain spot in your bedroom that is far away from the bed.

Invest in decorations

Luxury bedrooms need decorative pieces that express a high social status. After all, luxury living is high living. Decorate your bedroom with curtains, carpets, rugs, figurines, and sculptures. Add murals or giant graphic designs on one of the bedroom walls or hang large paintings over your headboard. If your ceiling height would allow, you can put a bed canopy. Of course, your choice of decoration should depend on your chosen interior designing style. It’s also important that you avoid overdoing the decorations.

A well-decorated room improves a room’s status as a luxury bedroom. However, you should always keep in mind that you’re decorating a sanctuary within a sanctuary. Chose only decorations that are pleasant to your waking and sleepy eyes and won’t interfere with the comfort of your sleep.

We hope that the ideas above will help you when it comes to decorating to your luxury bedroom. Furthermore, when it comes to finding, buying, and selling Denver luxury homes, you can always contact Mile High Home Pro for real estate assistance.

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